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On the Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug.

December 13, 2013

The very first point absolutely must be about Smaug. This dragon was made to be mighty, scary, glorious, amazing: all at once and more. Mr Cumberbatch gives him a voice that makes one shiver, the entire team who worked on the dragon deserve all the Oscars and medals the film industry has to give.

Having said that, I admit, I wasn’t overwhelmed with the whole movie.

I love the book (who doesn’t!?) because of its adventurous spirit, good pace and interesting characters. I believe that the second movie was made to be an action movie, not an adventure, like the first one and I don’t understand why. I read some reviewers liked it for that very reason! Obviously tastes are different, etc, but I did not like the addition of unnecessary violence – it is a children’s book, which is good and at times scary enough without extra orc on elf knife action.

Gandalf said that all good stores deserve embellishment. I very much agree. That’s why I didn’t mind Peter Jackson making 3 movies, not 2. It is the last chance to tell the story, so I don’t mind them using bits from appendices and adding extra characters. But why did we need a love story in there? Are we as audience so stupid that we can’t watch 3 movies without some romance? I think not.

Despite some unnecessary violence and romance and less adventurous feel, the movie was still beautifully made. Martin Freeman, as Bilbo, is fantastic yet again. They really could not have casted a better Bilbo – he is superb on every level. The iconic scene with the barrels was perfect, the one with spiders terrifying and of course I am going to see it again. Perhaps not as many times as the one last year but I will go to the cinema again next week and enjoy it. And so should you. Don’t even wait till next week, it’s mostly very good, honest!