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On the Raven Girl (Royal Ballet)

October 6, 2015

Today I went to see the double bill of Raven girl and Connectone at the Royal Opera House.

I never wrote a ballet review before (although I’ve seen many) because I am not sure how to do that. However, this ballet took many risks so on this rare occasion I shall too.

Firstly, let me tell you about the Raven Girl. It narrated a story in a brave different way, making the experience challenging and thought-provoking. It was lovely to see a new story being told, so there were no pre-existing impressions, leaving the mind to wander and give full power to one’s imagination. It was amazing to see a ballet that dark. It was beautiful,  gothic, scary – simply wonderful. The visual effects were incredible – on par with Tim Burton movies – creating a brilliantly nightmarish atmosphere. A scene with a doctor attaching metallic wings to the Raven Girl was truly terrifying – I never felt this way seeing ballet before. Ballet fans know that if you have Sarah Lamb, Edward Watson and Olivia Cowley on stage, magic happens, and this time was no different.

The second ballet – Connectone was also beautiful but less impressive. I didn’t get the neuroscience theme and it felt a little forced. However, I got to see my favourite ballet dancer – Stephen McRae again so I was very happy anyway.

What made an evening even more unforgettable was sitting next to and chatting with Kenneth Tindall, former Principal of the Northern Ballet and choreographer. He was very friendly and it was fascinating to discuss ballet with such a knowledgable person.

To conclude: go see the Raven Girl. Tickets start from 2 pounds (yes, 2 pounds) – you will not be disappointed.