On the Russian National Orchestra at Stowe

On the Russian National Orchestra at Stowe

2014 heralds the year of Anglo-Russian Culture and I had the huge privilege of celebrating it with my family at Stowe. First of all, what a fantastic venue that is! Having lived in Oxford, I thought I saw it all but both the house and grounds of Stowe are completely out of this world and breathtaking.

Anyway, to the concert. It started by a speech from Harold Goodall CBE. He pointed out the strong cultural relationships between Russia and England throughout history and praised the importance and brilliance of Russian composers. It was a very positive speech and as a Russian living in the UK, given all that’s going on, I was extremely happy and grateful to hear it.

The Russian National Orchestra have impressed me more than I thought it was possible to – their precision, depth and character made me feel the very familiar Tchaikovsky and Glinka in a new, more profound way. Michaev van Baker said “You could be forgiven for thinking the RNO exists mainly to give classical music critics the chance to outdo each other with superlatives.” Indeed, the only thing I can add to much praise and love that they usually receive is that their first act was the most powerful musical experience I’ve had in years.

The second act was accompanied by the singing of Lesley Garrett and was very enterntainy in contrast to intense and dramatic first act. The conductor Carlo Ponti was brilliant and I think it’s the first time I refer to any conductor as charming. I was charmed.

The point of the concert was to ‘allow the language of music to bring together nations from across the world’. For example, when the Russian Orchestra accompanied the piano concerto by the great English young talent, Craig Geene and conducted by Italian-American conductor, Carlo Ponti – seeing it all work so beautifully and naturally warmed my heart and gave me hope for a more peaceful tomorrow. Thank you to all involved!


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One Response to “On the Russian National Orchestra at Stowe”

  1. Kaz Says:

    Russia’s rich musical heritage is second to none. Wish I could have been there for the concert – Glinka’s stunning music is far too infrequently played!

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