On the first episode of the Tennant’s ‘Escape Artist’

‘The Escape Artist’ is a new legal drama but surprisingly it is more horror than soap-like. Good, psychological kind of horror. We see some blood but the frightening bit is in anticipation, you just know something awful is going to happen when Ashley Jensen puts her head down in a bath. Events unfold in such a quick intense pace in the second half of the episode, you really don’t want to blink. Some good old horror tricks were used, for example where you see Tennant petrified by the photograph we can’t see (so what we imagine is inevitably worse), scary psycho-murder’s face in the window, references to necrophilia, torture, mutilation..

I have to say that I get frightened quite easily so I try not to watch anything scary, therefore my threshold for ‘horror’ may be different from normal people!

David Tennant, who plays a very successful barrister Will Burton, indubitably, makes it all worth it. His acting is, as always, fantastic. When he says ‘The world is broken’, while his kid is asleep, you instantly get incredibly attached to the character.

However I don’t approach this drama simply as a fan girl. One would hope that after the insane amount of money I spent on my law degree, I can at least appreciate the legal nature of this drama a little more than lay people. The writers made this quite pleasant for my lawyery ears – apart from only a couple of exceptions, it is very well-researched. The speeches are beautifully written and with Mr Tennant’s acting, anyone would deeply care for the principle of innocent until proven guilty. If you liked Silk, you are going to love this!

Overall, I would recommend watching this drama but be aware that it might make you jump and if you are a bit pathetic like me, you will need a couple of episodes of Rugrats before you can go to sleep.

*an update* Woke up at 6 am with Liam Foyle-induced nightmares. Now lights on everywhere! Locks and lights 4ever 😀

On the first episode of the Tennant’s ‘Escape Artist’

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2 Responses to “On the first episode of the Tennant’s ‘Escape Artist’”

  1. craig Says:

    I think its all a bit Cape Fearish. Nice to see that Tennant got his old mate Jenssen a part

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