When I was 23, I..

When I was 23 I..

  1. Got a job with a desk. And my own stapler.
  2. Following up on the first point, my job is in charity sector so I did a lot of feel good things to help local blind people, like walking 10 K as a guide and raising money for super important projects.
  3. Again, as part of the job, organised children’s parties. Oh, the horror.
  4. Started painting. Set up my own lovely studio in the cellar and painted over 20  oil paintings – http://neverhoodsha.deviantart.com/gallery/
  5. Accidently brought back home over 1000 books so had to create a library in the cellar. DIY Olga for the win!
  6. Went on the hot air balloon to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.
  7. Didn’t drink alcohol for 10 months
  8. Technically, I will start studying again when I am 24 but just yesterday I got accepted to do Masters at Open University
  9. Despite living in another country got a lot closer to my family

As always, thanks to my lovely family and friends for making my 23d year so good and Happy birthday to me! I am off to celebrate it for 5 days in Brighton at LibDem conference! So, dear reader, I might see you there!  😀


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