Diablo 3 review

Well, firstly, congratulations to all fellow Diablo fans – it has actually happened. Diablo 3 is out in our lifetimes!

I was incredibly excited about 15th May. I bought it, downloaded it, had my Diablo 3 t-shirt on and had crazy amounts of caffeine ready.. You all probably already heard that starting to play wasn’t quite as simple as that. It took me 7 hours.. Nightmare but I forgave Blizzard instantly when it worked!

I chose to be a Witch Doctor called Olgatron.

Some things I noticed in the first few hours:

  1. You can pick up money by just walking over them. No need to press alt to see what items are on the ground neither. Yay!
  2. No more ugly map! A very civilized map in the top corner. I kept pressing tab just as a matter of habit but it doesn’t let you move with a big map open which can only be a good thing – we can enjoy new lovely graphics!
  3. This is a very skill-based game. Some are quite funny (one enables you to turn monsters into chickens). Much needed improvement of skill system has happened. Hooray! It might be too skill based, for example I don’t think you can just run around hitting monsters with a hammer anymore. But it’s OK. I can go back to my beloved Diablo 2 for that.You don’t appear to be able to choose attributes –its automatic with levelling up. Boo! However, you can now see a very long list of advanced statistics about your character, which makes my inner geek very happy.
  4. No more stamina bar! Oh how useless it was!
  5. Health potions system is different. You now have to wait for a while before you can use the next potion. Interesting. Will definitely make it harder in hardcore level. Which I of course am planning to complete.. (I will need something to do in the next 20 years waiting for Diablo 4)
  6. New game is scarier than Diablo 2. Monsters are sufficiently creepy and zombies are FAST. More like 28 days later Zombies than Shaun of the Dead ones.
  7. From my professional point of you, a big problem is that it is not at all visually impaired friendly. I hope that it will be improved.

 So overall it seems pretty, exciting, with plenty of new ideas. I was always going to be hard to impress. I am not at this stage prepared to say that it is better than Diablo 2 but I am definitely pleased and relieved that it’s not rubbish. And tired. So goodnight.


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One Response to “Diablo 3 review”

  1. olgaivannikova Says:

    *spoilers alert*
    :Update: you get to kill the Butcher in the end of Act one! It’s amazing!
    Act 2 is more pretty than Act 1.
    Sad news: Cain dies!! It’s awful. I wish i stayed a while and listened a bit more 😀

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