Decisions are made by those who get permission from the police.

As most of you already know, libdem members now can’t go to conference without being accredited by the police.

It ‘requires party members to disclose personal data to the police and which is designed to enable the police to advise that certain party members should not be allowed to attend. ‘

I can’t think of more eloquent way to describe it other than just crazy.

We are the party who live and breathe liberal values and already delivering some of them in government – such as banning ID cards. Why don’t we apply those to our own conference?

I decided not to partake in this nonsense and watch the conference on TV.

I don’t however encourage others to stay home because as President Bartlett said Decisions are made by those who show up’.  Or in this case by those who get permission by from the police. So those of you who do decide to go please vote on the motion that Gareth Epps and others are proposing against these crazy illiberal rules.

I would go just for this motion but don’t have funds to afford such gesture.

Sorry to all my dear friends who I won’t see this year but I just can’t get myself to go through with it – it is against everything I believe in.


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2 Responses to “Decisions are made by those who get permission from the police.”

  1. David Grace Says:

    Thanks, Olga. The motion is F9 Accreditation for Party Conference at 9 o’clock on Sunday, 18th September so, to those who are coming, don’t party too late on Saturday and get there for 9 am on Sunday !

  2. bencoe Says:

    If it is too dangerous for Nick Clegg to attend a conference with all members present – perhaps he should stay away – or he could get a blue suit this time!

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