Barack Obama vs Vince Cable (2010) on education

Lord Browne’s report is coming out on Monday. Today Vince Cable has admitted that Liberal Democrats are to abandon plans for a graduate tax to fund universities.

Removing the option of a graduate tax to fund university tuition suggests that Liberal Democrat MPs may be asked to significantly increase tuition fees.

In the mean time, this government is already cutting university research grants.

I want to join the Liberal Youth group in  calling on the party’s MPs to reject any fee increase, and scientists protesting against cuts to grants. If Britain is to have a stronger and more diversified economy this seems to be  exactly the wrong thing to do.

We fought the election on the promise to scrap the tuition fees over the period of 6 years. I understand that we have to compromise in the coalition and that’s why I was OK with graduate tax. When did the Liberal Democrats accepted the notion of fees anyway?  This is so shortsighted and definitely does not encourage social mobility. Many students  are already leaving university with 30, 000 pounds debt. If that’s going to double it might take a lifetime to pay it off – what’s the point of going to university then? Who can afford it?

I am lucky that I finished university this year.  But think of all the people who will have to and people who simply won’t afford to go to the university.  What will be the future of this country?

If that doesn’t worry you, think about political suicide. We already lost tactical Labour voters, now we are risking losing our biggest constituencies of students and middle-class parents who want to send their kids to university, not to mention academics and scientists. Who is going to be left to vote for us?

Today Barack Obama posted his weekly address in which he said: ‘Nothing would be more detrimental to our prospects for success than cutting back on education.’

Nick Clegg in his speech at the last conference said:’ The great thing is that all Liberal Democrats share a passion for education.

So I urge Liberal Democrats to rebel and show more backbone than Labour MP’s did when they threatened to rebel over tuition fees and then chickened out.

As much as like Vince, Barack Obama is right on this.

Increasing fees would risk the future economic prosperity in England especially since research is being cut at the same time.

One of the reasons, I moved to England was to get a decent education (for which I paid over 30, 000 pounds in a way financing degrees for British students.)  Now there is a risk of it being taken away. But I guess LibDems don’t like immigrants now anyway, seeing Clegg’s awful rhetoric about legal immigration in the debates and that they signed up to the immigration cap (which will also be damaging to science and universities)

Please don’t let this Government  increase tuition fees. They should be finding ways to abolish them instead like the Liberal Democrat Party said they would!

(President Barack Obama wins by first round knock out on this)





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One Response to “Barack Obama vs Vince Cable (2010) on education”

  1. Coolman Says:

    As I have said before.It starts out increasing the cost of education.Then layoffs of the higher paid staff (the more educated).Then this will lower the quality of education.

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