Tim Farron for President

I support Tim Farron for president because he is an outstanding public speaker, very strong campaigner (witness his massively increased majority from 267 to 12 264 last election) and very good in the media.
Times are challenging for the Liberal Democrats. Lots of people who are not used to Coalition government don’t see the difference between us and Conservatives anymore. We need someone who can be ‘our distinctive voice in the Coalition’ and ensure that our Parties values don’t get lost. He is in a position to speak out for members and the Party and help reach people outside.
Part of the President’s job is to inspire and motivate activists and supporters. I think he is one of the most inspiring politicians of this ‘new generation‘.
He represents a Northern rural constituency which will help us break out of the Westminster and London bubble.
If  Tim was not running  I would support Jennie Rigg in the election. I would feel more represented as a member because she is like me geeky, alternative and bi-sexual. It is just that Tim is in the race. I however wish her all the best in her political career and hope that she will go far.
Back to Tim, for me is the right candidate for the job. If you feel the same, then sign his pledge on the web-site http://www.timfarronforpresident.org.uk/

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