10 lessons of Barack Obama’s campaign

Short summary of first few chapters from David Plouffe’s book ‘The Audicity to win’

  1. Grassroots campaign.

    a) Put a premium on local volunteers. ‘A staff is not an organisation. A staff is there to support a local organisation.’

    b) Send the message to your volunteers that they should consider the campaign a movement – their movement. ‘Get busy on your own. Take the campaign into your own hands.’

    c) Local supporters should be out early and often

    d)Attract people who want to be there for the right reasons. Political campaigns consume lives. People signing up should be aware of this.

    e) When people asked how they could help, tell them that nothing is more important than getting additional people signed up on the site so you could communicater with them and try to convert them to donors and volunteers.

    f) Make volunteers feel that their effort is valued.

    g) Send state-of-the-race memos (sometimes in video form) directly to your supporters via e-mail

  2. Make sure that the voters and the press corps understand why the candidate is running before somebody else fills in that canvas.

  3. Simple campaign structure

    a)Clear chain of command

    b)Impose a salary cap – saves valuable time

  4. Increase the database.

    a) Diverse events filled with the type of people who traditionally did not attend political events

    b) ‘Low-dollar’ fundraising events – cheap tickets. More people can see your candidate. Treat these citizen fundraisers as no less important than your larger raisers.

    c) Make sure that communication with donors wasnt just about money but was a regular dialogue, so that they were on the campaign’s thinking and trajectory.

  5. Know more about youself than your opponents and the media do.

  6. Internet – a message tool that would let you speak to voters as well as an organisational net

  7. People dont like to be told the election is over before it started. No ‘I’m in it to win it’ attitude

  8. Most important asset in any campaign – candidate’s time. Learn to prioritise.

  9. Sell merchandise

  10. Communicate with the voters. Answer the questions. (Not answering questions ’cause we are afraid our answers wont be popular just won’t do it’)

I hope it is accurate and helpful. This book does not teach how to find a candidate as awesome as Obama though. 😦

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One Response to “10 lessons of Barack Obama’s campaign”

  1. Granville Spencer Says:

    Thanks for opportunity such straight forward meaningful advice . It will be remembered. Just like ” I could of kicked than that can further down the track” President Obama; will be remembered always.

    Granville Spencer Runcorn England

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